Map of the Project Limits, as described in opening the paragraph

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), is undertaking a multi-year construction project to rehabilitate approximately 50 km of Highway 401.

Stantec Consulting Limited was retained by the Ministry to complete the Detailed Design and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Study for the reconstruction of Highway 401 from Victoria Rd to 5 km west of Kent Bridge Rd, and from 5 km east of Bloomfield Rd to Essex Rd 42, in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and County of Essex.

Subject to the outcome of the study, the Ministry is proposing the following improvements:

  • Approximately 50 km of full depth pavement reconstruction requiring approximately 3 years of construction
  • Drainage improvements (ditching, culverts, sewers, field tiles, etc.)
  • Replacement/rehabilitation of bridges and culverts
  • Environmental protection and mitigation, where required

The proposed works have been divided into three separate MTO construction contracts (Project Reference: GWP 3091‑12‑00, GWP 3086‑14‑00, GWP 3012‑15‑00). This requires ongoing coordination with concurrent MTO projects within, and adjacent to the proposed improvements, including the Highway 401 and Highway 40 interchange (Project Reference GWP 3093‑09‑00), and Highway 401 Bridge Rehabilitations (Project Reference GWP 3084‑11‑00).


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