About the Process

About the Process

The Class Environmental Assessment Process

Class EA diagram

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) provides a decision-making process to ensure that all relevant engineering and environmental factors are considered in the planning and design of transportation facilities. This Detailed Design and Class EA Study was initiated as a Group ‘B’ project, which includes highway improvements that provide or cause a significant modification in traffic access.

MTO’s Class EA allows a Group ‘B’ project to be stepped-down to Group ‘C’ if there are no significant adverse environmental effects. Based on information collected, and comments received during the screening process, it has been determined that the project will not result in any significant adverse environmental effects. As a result, this project was stepped down to a ‘Group C’ undertaking.

The proposed improvements for Part B are similar to those of Part A (i.e., no significant adverse environmental impacts anticipated). The Part B studies have been initiated as Group ‘C’ undertakings.

Independent Environmental Screening Documents (ESDs) will be prepared to document each construction phase. The ESDs will provide environmental documentation of the following study components for Group ‘C’ projects under the Class EA process:

  • Environmental conditions inventory
  • External agency and public consultation process
  • Assessment of environmental impacts
  • Proposed mitigation measures and construction monitoring requirements
  • Confirmation that all required environmental permits, approvals or authorizations will be obtained

More detailed information about the EA process can be found at Ministry of Transportation – Class Environmental Assessment for Transportation Facilities.

Environment Screening Documents, completion dates:

  • Contract 1: March 2015
  • Contract 2: January 2016
  • Contract 3: December 2017
  • Contract 4: Summer 2018
  • Contract 5a: May 2017
  • Contract 5b: Summer 2019


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