Contract 1

Contract 1

Contract 1 improvements were completed in 2016.

‌Scope of Work

The project limits of Contract 1 are from just east of Essex Road 42 Interchange to Merlin Road Underpass, WBL only. Contract 1 improvements include the following:

  • Reconstruction of Highway 401 Westbound Lanes (WBL) by removing the existing asphalt and concrete base, placing a lift of Granular A and OGDL, and overlaying with concrete pavement
  • Temporary overbuilding and shoulder strengthening on Highway 401 to accommodate traffic during construction
  • Rehabilitation of five WBL bridges (Sites 6-051/2, 13-187/2, 13-188/2, 13-190/2 and 13-055/2). These rehabilitations consist of concrete patch repairs to the deck surface and to the inside face of barrier walls
  • Rehabilitation of Sinclair Drain Culvert (Site 13‑399/C). The work consists of concrete repairs to the entire culvert barrel and waterproofing the WBL portion of the top slab
  • Drainage improvements, including replacement of non-structural culverts and sewers
  • Guide rail replacement / improvements

Consultation and Documentation

All elements of consultation were undertaken within the context of the Overall Improvement Plan:

  • Notice of Study Commencement (July 2014)
  • Notice of Public Information Centre (November 2014)
  • Public Information Centre (December 11, 2014)
  • Notice of Step-Down (January 2015)

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