Contract 2

Contract 2

Construction demobilization and clean-up operations for Contract 2 will be completed in Spring 2018.

Scope of Work

The project limits for Contract 2 are on Highway 401 eastbound from just east of Essex Road 42 in the Town of Lakeshore to Drake Road and westbound from Merlin Road to Bloomfield Road in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Contract 2 improvements include the following, and will be completed by Spring 2018:

Year 1

  • Reconstruction of approximately 12.5 km of the Highway 401 westbound lanes (WBL)
  • The rehabilitation of five structures (bridges) including; Government Drain #1 Bridge (WBL), Government Drain #2 Bridge (WBL), Government Drain #3 Bridge (WBL), Raleigh Plains Drain Bridge (WBL), and Flook-Hinton Drain Bridge (WBL)
  • Rehabilitation of the Deary Drain (Site 13‑400/C) structural culvert

Year 2

  • Reconstruction of approximately 16.8 km of the Highway 401 eastbound lanes (EBL)
  • The rehabilitation of Queen Street Overpass Bridge (EBL), Little Baptiste Creek Bridge (EBL), Baptiste Creek Bridge (EBL), McDougall Drain Bridge (EBL), Government Drain #1 Bridge (EBL)
  • Rehabilitation of the structural culverts at the Malott Diversion Drain (Site 13-398/C), Sinclair Drain (Site 13‑399/C) and Deary Drain (Site 13-400/C)

In addition, the following will be undertaken:

  • Shoulder strengthening on Highway 401 to accommodate traffic during construction (one-lane in each direction will be maintained via median crossovers)
  • Drainage improvements, including replacement of non-structural culverts and sewers
  • Guide rail replacement/improvements

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