Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this study?

The primary purpose of the Detailed Design and Class EA Study is to complete the design for the reconstruction of the Highway 401 pavement and replace / rehabilitate bridges and culverts, as well as confirm the recommended construction staging and traffic management strategy. The final design details and environmental mitigation will be included in the Environmental Screening Documents.

How will I access my property / business during construction?

Access to businesses will be maintained.  However, there may be minor delays and / or out of way travel required during construction.

Who are stakeholders?

Stakeholders are broadly defined as any individual or group that is affected by or is interested in the study. MTO is committed to an extensive consultation program, one that actively engages and involves members of the public, non-government organizations (NGOs), municipalities, First Nations, regulatory agencies, business and industry.

What type of work is planned as part of this study?

Factor specific specialist environmental work will include: fish and fish habitat; terrestrial resources including an inventory of migratory bird nests and identification of candidate significant wildlife habitat; groundwater support for the Permit to Take Water (PTTW), identification of a groundwater monitoring plan, and identification of sourcewater protection areas; Stage 2 archaeological assessment where required; best management practices for erosion and sediment control; an Excess Materials Management Plan (EMMP); landscape composition plan; snowdrift review; land use; and pavement noise assessment.

Will median barriers be included as part of this project?

Contract 3 involves reconstructing the eastbound lanes of Highway 401 from east of Drake Road to east of Charing Cross Road, and from west of Mull Road to west of Victoria Road. The contract also includes the installation of high-tension cable barrier in the median from the western limit of Contract 1 (GWP 3061‑12‑00) to the eastern limit of Contract 3 (GWP 3102‑15‑00), for a total length of approximately 50 km. Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and finish in 2020.

Will my tile drains be affected by construction?

As part of this project, all existing tile drains that drain towards Highway 401 are being reviewed. If you have a tile drain that drains to Highway 401 within the study limits, please notify the project team.

 How do I get involved in this study?

To receive direct notification regarding study milestones, or to submit your comments, please contact the project team.

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